Wanda Chavis, Certified Thermographer, B.S. AltMed, MPH


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Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging

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Picture this…
No pain. No radiation. No compression.

A picture of what is going on in your breasts now,
& a snapshot of issues that may develop into health risks
7 to 10 years down the road.
There is no substitute for peace of mind!

Thermography uses an FDA registered specialized thermal imaging camera to provide non-invasive imaging of any part of the body. It offers the opportunity of earlier detection of breast disease than has been possible through self-exam, doctor exam or mammography alone.
Add this adjunct approach to your proactive wellness program. With breast health and self-care for women being our priority, we know that prevention is better than cure.  In addition, at least 70 medical issues elsewhere in the body can be discovered with thermography – often pinpointing the source of mysterious pain, thyroid issues, blocked carotid arteries, whiplash and more! 
With each report every client receives a medical interpretation by a Thermologist, a specially trained MD in the field of Thermology who are taught to read and interpret Thermograms.

Our Team:

Wanda ChavisWanda Chavis, Certified Thermographer, B.S. AltMed, MPH​
is the owner of Picture of Health and Thermography, LLC. After her diagnosis of breast cancer in 2008, Wanda decided to deal with this crisis through education. She graduated with a B.S. in Alternative Medicine, in 2013, then went on to earn her Master’s Degree in Public Health Administration. A motivational speaker and teacher, Wanda specializes in hydration and women’s wellness with cancer prevention and treatment support being a high priority.
Wanda teaches Whole Health Wellness Seminars, and is a Hydration Specialist and is an independent representative with Enagic. We provide information, demonstration and samples of the Japanese medical grade Kangen Water. (Ionized Alkalized Water). At our office you can receive system information, training and information on a purchase program.
Wanda and her husband of 43 years, Rev. Jeff L. Chavis, have served as pastor of United, the Pentecostal Church of Spring Lake, since 1981. She is the Ladies Ministries President for the North Carolina District of the United Pentecostal Church, Intl. Wanda also serves on the Advisory Board of Fayetteville Ladies Power Lunch.

Lorraine Chavis is our newest Thermography Trainee. Lorraine hails from Newfoundland, Canada and moved to Fayetteville as a Kindergarten teacher. She holds a Bachelor degrees in Education and Psychology/History. Along with thermography, she and her husband Kyle, serve on the Pastoral Staff at United The Pentecostal Church of Spring Lake, as Youth Pastors.

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