Dr. Rev. Deborah Lallier, ThD, CBT, HTP, CHt


headshotDr. Rev. Deborah Lallier, THM, CBT, CHt, HTP

ThetaHealing™ Master, Certified BodyTalk™ Practitioner, Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner, Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, PSYCH-K® Advanced Facilitator, Healing Touch Practitioner, Sacred Contracts Facilitator and Ordained Holistic Minister

Deborah Lallier is a holistic life coach, intuitive spiritual director and consciousness based mind/body practitioner and instructor who assists her clients in restoring harmony, well-being and balance to the mind, body, emotions and spirit. Combining intuitive assessment with non-invasive mind/body practices contributes to a new, energetic dynamic for improved daily functioning, personal/spiritual growth and empowered conscious living.

Deborah is an ordained holistic minister with a Doctorate of Theology in Spiritual Healing with an emphasis in Intuitive Spiritual Direction through Holos University. She is a North Carolina Wedding Officiate offering customized wedding services, unions, commitment ceremonies and blessings.

*North Carolina Art of Healing License
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Private Sessions and Workshops:

In-Person or Distance via Skype, FaceTime or Phone

email: Info@CreativePathwaysInc.com
surf: www.CreativePathwaysInc.com
call: 910.818.7733

Mind/Body Practices:

  • Intuitive Spiritual Direction and Holistic Life Coaching
  • BodyTalk™
  • ThetaHealing™
  • Matrix Energetics
  • PSYCH-K® ─ Letting go of Non-Helpful Beliefs
  • Mind/Body Kinesiology & Neuromuscular Biofeedback
  • Hypnotherapy & Guided Transformational Processes
  • Access Consciousness Bars ─ Balancing 32 energetic brain points
  • Sacred Contracts ─ Identifying Soul Contracts & Archetypal Patterns
  • Past Life Regression, Soul Retrieval/Integration, Ancestral/Genetic Balancing
  • Empowerment Consciousness Transformational Sessions and Workshops


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Empowerment strategies, awareness exercises and conscious opportunities to enrich and transform mind, emotions, relationships, body and spirit