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Haymount Healing and Wellness practitioners are certified in a variety of holistic energy healing techniques and consciousness technologies. Offered as complimentary therapies, the practitioner uses non-invasive, gentle techniques guided by a caring heart and a focused, balanced mind to assist the client in achieving a state of deep inner balance where self-healing occurs.

Whether the client’s motivation stems from physical discomfort or pain, emotional uneasiness, self-limiting thoughts or behaviors or the desire for a spiritual quest, the practitioner’s goal is to assist the client in restoring harmony and balance to the mind, body, and spirit. The result of this journey of self-healing enhances the client’s personal quality of life and offers skills and insights needed to lead a balanced and peace-filled life achieved through inner growth.


headshotDr. Rev. Deborah Lallier, ThD, CBT, HTP, CHt

Deborah Lallier is a holistic life coach, intuitive spiritual director and consciousness based mind/body practitioner and instructor who assists her clients in restoring harmony, well-being and balance to the mind, body, emotions and spirit.

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