Transpersonal Hypnotherapy


These processes guide the client into ever deeper states of relaxation, implementing creative visualizations, formulating intentional positive goal implementation, and when needed, competently guides the client through a review and balancing of any relevant past occurrences, including past time and past life regression.

Creating change from the inside-out, this deep, transformational meditative process provides effective tools for transforming mental, emotional, and physical patterns helping you answer the practical and spiritual questions, “Where am I going in my life, and how will I get there?” This process helps specifically identify those events and reactions in the life which are continuing to disrupt health and well-being. The mind is gently guided to revisit those events and disconnect from their disempowering energy by transforming the old patterns into new dynamics of functioning and reclaiming the empowered aspects and qualities of self.

Positive implementation of goals including habit cessation may also be addressed with a specific eye on the psycho-spiritual nature of healing and the release of limiting and confounding beliefs.

Transpersonal Hypnotherapists, Past Life Facilitators and Guided Meditation Facilitators: