Sacred Contracts


Understanding ourselves, our relationships and our choices through archetypal patterns of consciousness, Sacred Contracts is a dynamic and empowering process of self-discovery made currently popular by Carolyn Myss. Carl Jung recognized these dynamics as universal patterns of consciousness that can be utilized to better understand ourselves, and to thereby objectively recognize the areas of our lives where we have the authority to reclaim our personal power.  Understanding our choices by balancing the energy patterns found in the archetypal patterns of the victim, the saboteur, mother, the father, the wounded child, the princess, the knight, the hero or the rescuer allows us to heal old wounds and re-establish an internal locus of control. Empowering our lives through conscious understanding and awareness, our choices become crystal clear and the path of living consciously opens up before us.

Sacred Contract Coach:

Dr. Rev. Deborah Lallier, ThD, CBT, HTP, CHt