Natural Health Professional


Certified Natural Health Professionals combine mind, body and spirit techniques to create proper Homeostasis on all levels. This organization was created to provide information, instruction and certification in the field of natural health practice. With the philosophy to respect an individual’s lifestyle choice while supporting the least invasive methods of health care maintenance,

  • CNHP’s are a reservoir of alternative philosophies, and a conduit of information that can help an individual learn techniques to promote balanced living and possible prevention of dis-ease to the mind body and spirit.
  • CNHP’s will not advise an individual to stop taking medications that have been prescribed by an doctor and it is important to note they would not advise anyone to stop seeing your medical care provider.
  • CNHP’s provide Nutritional, supplemental and herbal advice using different modalities and are a source for improving homeostasis of the body and bring it back into balance so you can life a happy health life!

Techniques include:

  • PH balance testing
  • Biological Ionization
  • Muscle Response Testing
  • Bach Flower Remedies
  • Dried blood Analysis
  • Iridology

Certified Natural Health Professionals: