Holistic Life Coaching


Intuitive Spiritual Direction and Holistic Life Coaching are empowering and supportive in our journey of embracing our fullest potential. This type of proactive, assertive and engaging coaching guides us to better understand ourselves, to find deeper meaning and purpose in our lives. Helping us understand ourselves and gain awareness, our motivations and the artificial limitations we have strategically and fearfully placed around ourselves, holistic life coaching supports us as we accept responsibility and embrace the steps necessary to empower and motivate ourselves to change, to let go of the past, to embrace the future and to wholly live in the present moment.

Without conscious release, the body, mind, emotions and spirit hold onto energetic patterns long after a traumatic event has transpired. Even seemingly helpful decisions like, “I’ll never trust that person again!” can affect one’s ability to live a life free of hurt, pain and fear.
Limiting decisions, non-helpful beliefs, fears and unresolved past traumas block our ability to fully engage and live our lives. This limits our ability to be authentically present and healthy in the here and now. The result is blocked or stagnated Universal Energy that contributes to the state of dis-ease in the mind/body.

It is the Intuitive Spiritual Director who holistically coaches body, mind, emotion and spirit and…
• Guides the client in the inner release of past tensions
• Offers empowering insights into the body, mind, emotion and spirit connection
• Assists the client in establishing a new, whole energetic dynamic of balance, peace and harmony
• Utilizing mind/body practices and energy medicine to naturally restore healing in all areas of life
• Supports the client in finding a new and empowered way of being in the world … living consciously with purpose and meaning

Our unconscious, fear-based decisions and the resulting limiting patterns have blocked access to a truly divinely inspired life. With conscious awareness and energy transformation, these lifelong, limiting patterns are resolved allowing the unlimited potentially to surface. As the client comes into conscious awareness about choosing to live life through empowerment rather than fear, new opportunities become available. This process leads one on a path of self-discovery and a heightened connection to the Divine Ground of All Being.

Some self-empowering benefits include:

• Creating a sense of choice and empowerment
• Increased self-awareness and personal insights
• Improved sense of overall, holistic well-being
• Cultivating inner strengths and authenticity
• Employing conscious strategies to enrich your energetic Presence
• Increased perceptive abilities, inner knowing and intuition
• Greater feelings of appreciation and gratitude
• Consciously creating and manifesting life
• Living more fully in the present moment — the spiritual NOW of life

Forming the foundational groundwork for achieving your highest potential

Intuitive Spiritual Directors • Holistic Life Coaches