Empowerment Consciousness Transformational Sessions and Workshops


Living Life Consciously and Co-Creatively through Empowerment Consciousness™

We are awakening to the NEW possibilities of living life through the dynamics of empowerment rather than through the limitations of fear. Imagine a conscious style of living where you no longer merely survive – but rather, you creatively thrive. Empowerment Consciousness™ is both a series of Evolutionary Transformational Processes and a level of Higher Consciousness that supports you as you embrace your highest potential. Evolving into expanded consciousness through awakened awareness, conscious choice, and collaborative creation, these transformational processes work Co-creatively with Divinely inspired Empowerment Blueprints to facilitate shifts in consciousness that transform fear and limitation into empowered realties.

Awakened from the limited perceptions and fears of the subconscious bodymind, the Survival-based programming of the past is transformed. Empowered to embrace our best selves, we experience life through the expressions of unity, harmony and peace.

Consciously evolving to a transformed way of being where you:

  • Experience better health, less stress, more balance and discernment;
  • Engage supportive, loving and mutually respectful relationships;
  • Develop enriched business partnerships, harmonious communities, global interconnectivity and unity;
  • Embrace life with Grace through enriched powerful heart-based feelings of gratitude, peace, joy and ease;
  • Consciously manifest your heart’s desires while inspired to live a divinely guided, purpose-filled life.