Client Testimonials


Deborah worked with me to quickly heal a chronic headache that hadn’t responded to nutritional changes, my normal meditation routine, or visits to two doctors. Now I see the relationship between physical symptoms, unresolved emotional issues, and energy blockages.  With a gifted and dedicated healer, techniques like Reiki and Theta Healing can produce outstanding, lasting results. I left the headache behind, and gained important insight.  For anyone struggling with chronic health or emotional issues, I would highly recommend Creative Pathways.”       -A.M.

I have taken Basic DNA Theta Healing, Advanced DNA Theta Healing, and Manifesting & Abundance with Deborah and all three classes have been a transformational experience. Deborah teaches her students how to be thorough and go deep in their ThetaHealing sessions.  Deborah excels at bringing the patterns in our lives to light for a more profound awareness and healing.  This is true of both Deborah’s classes and her one on one healing sessions. Bringing wit and humor into her teaching, Deborah’s classes are as fun and they are healing and the time flies by.  -C.L.

I woke up today feeling much lighter and much more motivated.  I also felt more “connected” while meditating than usual.  Yay!               -C.L.

Your class (ThetaHealing Basic DNA) has made such a positive impact … happier, better appetite, much more social and so much more … Thank you for everything you do.            -X.H.

The class (ThetaHealing Basic DNA) was beyond amazing Deborah covers all the material very well and it was very easy to follow and allow the information to flow right on in! You don’t just learn the material but you learn more about the ways of yourself and work on you.                       -T.W.

The healing space is so peaceful and the experience is so incredible. I just want to move in!           – M.S.

I just wanted to say once again how thankful I am I went to your basic DNA, Theta Healing class.  It far exceeded anything I had expected.  All the work, all the digging, all the clearing, well, I am a different person.

It was a pleasure to meet the others in the class.  I came away with an immense respect for everyone because they were doing the work to be who they really are.  I could see the unfolding as they cleared issue after issue.  Amazing.

Deborah is a suburb teacher.  Her insight, her connection with the Creator was comforting.  I felt very safe ….  It was incredible to feel my guides next to me and to connect to the Creator.  I HIGHLY recommend this class to everyone!  And I look forward to taking more classes with Deborah!   -M.S.