Haymount Healing and Wellness is a multi-disciplinary center for holistic healing and self-empowerment offering consciousness based healthcare, Mind/Body medicine and education to cultivate greater self-awareness, embody loving Presence and nourish Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit.

  • Located in the heart of Historic Haymount, this nurturing environment supports healing that creates peace, harmony and balanced wellness in all aspects of life.
  • Our holistic practitioners are certified and licensed to offer expert guidance through gentle transformative therapies that release stress, transform limitations and support the MindBody in returning itself to an optimum state of health.
  • Our mission at Haymount Healing and Wellness is to create balanced, conscious living in all arenas of life.

Creating a conscious life experience,
we experience life with less stress…
that means that we experience less pain, less anxiety, less anger, less fear, less indecision and fewer worries.

Our mind-body-emotions and spirit are stress-free creating a balanced, healthy and empowering presence.

Consciously choosing how we express and interact through our Mind-Body and Emotions allows for the miracles of healing. The Innate Wisdom of the Mind/Body is free to restore itself to a state of balanced wholeness. No longer habitually and unconsciously reacting to stressors based on past experiences and conclusions nor worrying futilely about future decisions and events, we become aware of the power of the present moment.

Present Moment Awareness is living life in the here and now with authentic, self-empowered presence, where we are conscious and aware that new choices are possible.


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